the passage

February 3, 2010

The passage: situated at the city hall of the hague, it forms a glass bridge between the two wings of the building. The picture shows the way to approach the hallway. The way towards the bridge has no windows and is dressed in peaceful shapes and colors on the wall, to make the observer calm and unaware of his soon to come experience. It is a bit dark in this part of the way. Then at the end when the observer turns right he is suddenly confronted with the hallway: completely of glass, so that the sudden amount of light, height, openess and environment should overwhelm him.  Hostile shapes with aggressive colours can be placed near this expereance, to make the transition even more sudden. This is the vertogo effect. Although it is just a hallway its specs and placement give it an unique experience. If the user keeps walking he should be a bit dazzled by his environment.


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