inside or outside the frame

January 29, 2010

The context / scenario: 5*5*5m exhibition room in shopping-mall.

Main theme: vertigo / potempkin

As explained in the previous blog, the main idea is the potempkin & vertigo theme. To summarize my understanding about the theme, I would say it is about the frame (the scope of vision), or the phenomena people see. Thus, it is crucial for my project to illustrate the existing and feeling of the ‘border’. With the discussion with teacher and colleagues, drama / theatre stage is the best stepping-stone to achieve the feeling of ‘border’. The argument is that the ‘border’ will be given more sense of reality by letting the user feel they are ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ the frame. As a result, I developed the scene of ‘being on the stage’ and ‘seeing the stage’ on two façade.

The contrast between two walls.

Besides the scene of ‘being on the stage’ (being inside the drama) and ‘seeing the stage’ (watching the drama), the second difference between these two façades, is the fact of perception. The façade on the left hand side seems possible to walk out of the stage, but actually it is just the effect of visualization. Conversely, on the right hand side of the wall, there are also tricks of illusion (‘the droste effect’ and perspective), but this time there is an invitation to the audience to walk on the stage simply as that. 


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