Primary Shaped Potemkin

December 26, 2009

The following pictures are the result of the first brainstorm for the main installation environment (envelope 5x5x5 m) (the plastic sphere model is to be solid black pic 1,2,3.). Embedded should be a relation to vertigo architecture/Potemkin architecture.

The Idea for a spherical room came from a rational design approach. The installation which is to be displayed within this structure needed a dark and controllable environment. The shape of the sphere alternately does not have any corners or edges thus is unable to cast or show shadow lines. this creates the illusion of continued space.

Boullee has designed buildings to created these alternate realities or controllable environments like the Newton Memorial (pic 4.)

So notably there is no reference to Potemkin architecture nor has there been any trace of the idea during the design process, or has there. I believe there is a certain Potemkin idea that only manifests itself on the inside; a dark and continues space that you find yourself in when the reality is quite clear to you that you’re in a spherical room which indeed has its boundaries.


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