December 15, 2009

Vertigo Architecture

For me Vertigo was at this point in the project a kind of view of perception. As I interpreted Vertigo it looked to me a way where the reality was influenced by the surreal version and vice versa. It may be acting, a ‘smokescreen’ or projection of a wanted (striven for) image. Thus I wanted to create a certain effect that included this idea. The assignment was to create an environment for an art object in a central plaza of a shopping mall. A 5*5*5, light restraining, low budget box in a light, open passageway for people.

I started to think rather technical and realistic about the assignment, since the design problem asks for a practical solution and has solid requirements:

  • Low budget: cheap materials
  • One week usage: fast and easy construction
  • One week usage: temporarily project so recyclable materials
  • Light restraining
  • 5*5*5 m volume

I started to think about easy solutions to create big volumes in a short period of time and which fit within these requirements. The PA world and stand building business offers a lot of practical solutions for this problem. Here is an example:

A nice thing that happens with these stands is that they can look really solid and imposing, big and voluminous when in fact most of that effect isn’t real:  most of it is just cleverly positioned and lighted framework which creates these environments.

My solution to the design problem is to create a multi-layered box, not completely closed at the ribs of the box, but with overlaying surfaces. Different planes that create the different entrances and areas. They overlap, so that most of the light restraining issue is solved. The different layers have different colors made of a stretch material which can be looked through. The different layers create different ways of the reality when looking through them, especially from different positions of looking through them. People inside see a discolored reality outside and vice versa. Both can’t exist without the other and the ‘box’ makes it possible.


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