Vertigo kaleidoscope

December 3, 2009

After the last meeting a began thinking about the big box that is to be created. In the meeting we talked about seeing or perceiving something which is there, but really isn’t there.

You can achieve this on different ways. You could provoke the feeling that something, or some part is missing, for example by cutting out a shape or using glass or mirrors.

This sketch below is a short example of that. Due to the missing of the small cube you do see a small cube. When in fact it isn’t.

Using mirrors you can create an effect making it look like there are more than one version of an object. Or even of yourself. You can put the mirrors on an angle making it look like you are surrounded by your clones, like in the mirror house on the carnival.


This made me remember a scene from a movie where a guy had a toy to look through and it altered his perception of his surroundings. I had the same toy when I was a kid. After some asking around a flat mate of me still had it (I’ll bring it to the next meeting). It is called a ‘kaleidoscope’. Using mirrors and a simple lens all your surroundings are projected repeatedly in a circle. After some internet research it seems there are different versions of the kaleidoscope. Some altering your surroundings others use an object which is duplicated. Click the link below and you’ll know what I am talking about.

Youtube movie:

Wikipedia explanation:

Different amounts of mirrors give different effects:

This could be used in the box. If you could look outside the box through a kaleidoscope all the surroundings will be altered and duplicated which gives a dazzling effect. All that is needed are a few large mirrors and a lens of some sort. But maybe a lens isn’t even necessary.

If the kaleidoscope could turn it gives an even better effect. But this also works if an object moves in front of the scope. Then it appears and disappear continuously. The effect is very hard to explain in words, you have to see it.


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